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Jay Sobarnia, Realtor®
AZ LICENSE #SA696671000

I made alot of mistakes, but I learned alot. I started my real estate career 2011 in Las Vegas Nevada. As an investor participating in the middle of one of the largest boom and bust cities, in the largest boom and bust cycles in recent history gave me a perspective that allows me to see through a lot of the hype that most real estale agents dont have the experience to consult about. Using and potentially loosing my savings forced me to learn a little quicker than normal. The only way to survive as an investor was to maintain laser focus on the market pricing (both the lowest price I could purchase for , and the highest price I could sell) At the time I purchasing my own properties at trustee sale, and negotiating the sale afterwards. I learned in quick order that most realtors did not have the same incentive to study the market as I did. I developed the attitude that real estate agents were mostly an unnecessary expense. Through time and experience I observed the many times that inexperienced agents cost their clients time,money,equity and frustration. It is this perspective and appreciation for details of the transaction that I will put to work for you. In 2021 I decided to start practicing my skills for the benefit of retail buyers,sellers and obtained my arizona State liscence to do so.

Five Star Reviews

Jay was a pleasure to work with throughout our home selling experience. He was always very available at any hour of the day and worked with our schedule. He guided us through the entire process always providing very useful advice. He went above and beyond and made recommendations that resulted in a higher sales price. We could not have asked for a better person to work with!! We highly recommend Jay and will call on him again in the future.

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